Check out our new Podcasts! We would love to do one for your Game!

Hello Guys, check out our new podcasts on our website We did a podcast one of our members games "Pee Break" that you can see on our homepage. We would love to have fun doing a podcast on your game if you would like us to. Just sign-up for our free developer membership and let us know! Thanks :smile:


  • NNterprisesNNterprises Member, PRO Posts: 387

    I woke up one morning with a message in my inbox that they did a podcast on my game. I didn't pay a cent or even ask them to do anything for me, they just did it which was a good surprise. They were pretty funny, said nothing but good things, and really seems like they're coming along trying to help us out.

    Just saying to help the guy out, cuz it's easy for us to sign up for free and they are trying hard to help us and I appreciate it

    This is their podcast lol

  • Football20Football20 Member Posts: 24

    @NNterprises , our team is really happy that you enjoyed the podcast! For those who are wondering why we are doing this free, it's simple, we really enjoy doing this and there is nothing better in this would than helping other people. So please join us and let's get those games seen by the world togeather!

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