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We are looking at game development tools for a number of game based learning projects we'll be undertaking over the next little while. We are located in Ontario, Canada, and as a University in the province we are obligated under our provincial accessibility laws, to develop content, and procure IT, that is accessible to people with disabilities. GameSalad is at the top of our list, but we need to understand what accessibility support is available.

I'm quite familiar with the challenges of making games accessible to everyone, so I get that whatever system we choose it's unlikely we'll be able to create games that are "fully" accessible to everyone out of the box. But, we need to make every effort to do so. Being able to work with code in behind would be a good work around, though I see this isn't available yet. I'll +1 that as a new feature.

Some of the accessibility basics are being able to control game elements by keyboard, and providing readable text alternative for visual elements. I see in the demos there is the ability to assign rules to control keyboard navigation of actors with arrow keys. In the Airship Defender demo that comes with GameSalad for instance, it is possible to move the player/actor around on the screen using a keyboard. It's good to see that. However, I could not find a way to assign a keyboard command to the Play button, or the Choose buttons when selecting a player. Also I did not see a way to navigate around elements on the screen by keyboard when choices are available, typically with the Tab key. For example, when selecting a player, using the Tab key, or perhaps arrow keys, to move between available players, then pressing Enter to select one.

Being very new with GameSalad, perhaps I've just not found the keyboard options I'm looking for.

Are they there?

Or, are accessibility features such as these on the radar for GameSalad?

Has anyone look at accessibility in GameSalad that we could read about?

As an example, perhaps someone could explain how to add a shortcut key to activate the Play button in the Airship Defender game.

I appreciate any guidance.



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