Battle Blocks: Defense

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Fight off waves of enemies!
Use your grenades, gun, and fighting skills to destroy the many enemies that come your way. Kill them all and advance in the waves by buying hats with power boosts.
Get them all:
~Top Hat
~Heli Hat
~Cheese Hat
~Baseball Cap
~Santa Hat
~Wizard Hat
~Flower Hat
~Winter Hat
Use different weapons and hats for different enemies, until you finally lose to the endless lines of deadly monsters. At the end of each game, open the loot crate and receive a special prize for playing.

Can you beat them all?

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Reviews would be appreciated! :smiley:


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    Interesting game. Can never go wrong with 80's retro music!!!!! I like the game over effect. Have to play it a bit more to figure it all out.........

    Good job.

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