Bor's Adventures (by Dracoders)

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Hi guys, here's my last game, an old classic platform made in GS!

Bor’s Adventures features:

  • 48 levels (+ 13 secret levels!)
  • classic 16bit graphics
  • 5 different world themes
  • many power-ups
  • 22 kind of monsters

Bor is a viking who has lost his 60 wives, help him to find them all!
A lots of monsters will try to stop Bor, and you will have to travel through lands and castles to bring them all back to your peaceful home.
Jump, fight, throw axes and use every kind of power-ups to beat the monsters!

Google Play:

App Store:

It will be hard, very hard, insanely hard! But Bor is mad enough to succeed in this adventure!


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