Anyone dealt with uptimistik for custom game development?

Paid @uptimistik 320usd on the 6th of july, was quoted to be an 8 hour job. After a week was told it wasn't completed as he was fixing his website issues.
I waited patiently but its gone too far now, since Saturday i haven't received any response from him even though i contact him daily, and he has been able to actively post of the forums but cant reply to my messages..
I no longer want the development done since its obviously never going to happen.
All i want is my money refunded since nothing has been done. He can reply to people here but cant refund a payment for a job he hasn't completed??

Is this his usual way of work? Didn't want to create this thread but seriously, if you cant do the job then refund the money. How can someone justify keeping 320usd for weeks while they wont complete the job.

You've been on the forums daily so when you read this, refund the funds.


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