Error during signing

grahameckersleygrahameckersley Member Posts: 81

I got past one error and now i keep getting this

No provisioning profiles found
A provisioning profile with matching developer identity is required to publish iPhone games.

I've matched everything up as far as i can tell, i went through @Thunder_Child tutorials on how to do this and it seemed like i had it sorted and then this... i've spent a few hours now doing it again and again going over it and no change.
I done all the steps in those videos that i could but i had to skip one where he created the app ID because i can't delete that one because it says it's being used in the store, So i tried to delete the app from the store but it says if i do that then i have to change the name of my app and i've already had a design guy make everything for it i can't just change the name. So i went to the video where you sign and i keep getting this error.
The only thing i can think of is before i got my hands on a MAC or had any idea how to use one or anything on itunes, i had a mate who was meant to be computer literate set up an itunes account for me but he put it under his own name, could this be the developer identity problem...?


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