How To Connect Leaderboards With Google Play?

WeiyuWeiyu Member Posts: 216

Hello everyone, I have a question about set Leaderboards scores in google play?

I know Google Play have Game Services which can set a leaderboards, but I don't know how to connect gameslad's leaderboard with Google Play Services.

Could anyone tell me how to connect with Google Play, please?
Thank you. :)


  • birdboybirdboy Member Posts: 284
    edited April 2017

    I hate to mess up your plans but GameSalad has not added support for Google Play Services up to the present day. Unbelievable, i know. :s

    If you need leaderboards in your game there are two alternatives as far as I know. You could use GameCircle, the amazon equivalent to Google Play Services or you could look into AppFormative Leaderboards by @Hopscotch

  • WeiyuWeiyu Member Posts: 216

    That's a bad news!Thank you for answer. :)

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