Screen misaligned after device wake up (Android BUG) My solution



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    @Socks said:
    We've been hearing that for years, I really hope it's true this time, but the sensible part of me takes it all with a grain of salt.

    I still have hope , I haven't been around that much but i still remember last year and a half had many updates and fixes , (custom fonts/collisions , GS bugs fixed , html5 publishing .. etc ..) The only thing i'm worried about right now is how long it will take to make the web version . Another famous game engine took 2 years to make a web version and its still on beta , they also had a close to perfect html5 engine . I don't know how fast GS can do it and fix the bugs with html5 + other major bugs. But i hope everything goes well we will have to wait and see.

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    But you're right, I don't see any hickups in Escape That Level. Right now I have no idea why, this is such a strange bug.

    @Hoodloc - yeah that's odd, I don't think this bug occurs in any of my games but I've no idea why that's the case.
    Another thought: in the publishing portal I never tick "App quits on controller back button", do you? - Probably not the cause but just thinking out loud...

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    No I always build all back button functionality myself. :s

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