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    @pHghost Yes, hexed meaning running into them. All characters have the same abilities, at least for now

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    Hello everyone.

    After all the positive and creative feedback on our game, we have now decided to "Reload" Beasts & Monsters. Workingtitle Beasts & Monsters - Reload.

    The plans are...

    All characters will have their own unique attack modes
    A special reward weapon to clean all enemies in sight
    Brand new intro and intromusic
    More beasts and monsters
    More polished and sharp pixel graphics
    Like before check your score in GameCenter, and new Achievements

    Something we forgot that we should ad to our list, please do tell us! :)

    ... and special thanks goes out to @pHghost @Toque @8bitninja @-Timo- @Socks @Icebox @BazookaTime for giving our game that extra thumbs up here in the Forum!

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    This sounds great!

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    Thanx @BazookaTime
    Starting with the reload version right after the release of our new game called Duck Fight ;) So much to do and sooo little time.

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