Source of templates for e-learning enabled games.

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I'm not looking for a developer, I don't have the budget, - so this may not be the right place to post my question, but I could not see where else to post this.
I run an e-learning site for the pupils at my school. I'd like to add a few games to the site to help motivate some of the less focused pupils. What I'm looking for, are games where I can add into the code some questions which they need to answer periodically to continue playing.
I've followed a few tutorials to make some simple games but I don't have the time, ability or inclination to create one from scratch. I'm hoping there are some suitable templates I can adapt - which brings me to the question.

Can anyone suggest a place I might find the type of thing I'm looking for?


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    That's a tricky one. There are plenty of free templates (e.g. at, some of which might be adaptable for what you want but in many cases you would need some knowledge of GameSalad to be able to modify them for your needs.

    With GameSalad's new focus on the educational market, I'd recommend contacting Support by clicking on the blue chat icon at the bottom-right of the forums page to start a conversation.

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