2D Artist Looking for Freelance Work

emilyso321emilyso321 Member Posts: 22

I'm Emily So and I'm currently available for work -- small or part-time. I specialize in 2D graphics, from animated sprites to background imagery. I've also successfully provided concept art for games, including Dwarf Corp.

For samples of my game graphics, please visit:


If you think my visual style is suitable for your game project, please feel free to contact me at:


I greatly appreciate your time and consideration :)

I hope you enjoy my work.

photo redhead.png

photo armorcladlady1.png

photo DWARFPARTY_3scaled1.png

photo molemandemon_scaled1.png

photo dwarves_bluejewel_scaled1.png

photo cave_jungle_encounter_public.png

photo dino_ridersEXT_mockupS.png

photo emilyso_goingappmobileGAMEPLAY_MOCKUP_cute_submarine.png

photo pachyrider.gifphoto tricerrider.gifphoto walkcycle-1.gifphoto dragon_ridergirl.gif


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