Timer (Run to completion) causing an infinite loop?

3absh3absh Member, PRO Posts: 595

-When actor overlaps or collides with actor X
-When attribute Y = 0
-Timer after 2 seconds (Run to completion) change Y to 1

At another location
-When attribute Y = 1
-Timer after 2 seconds (Run to completion) Change Y to Zero

What I notice here is a loop occurs even though the first condition is nullified (overlap condition)
How do I make this rule without creating an infinite loop?


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822
    edited June 2017

    Not sure what 'At another location' means ?

    Do you want this . . . .

    When actor A collides with actor B the attribute called 'Y' changes from 0 to 1 after 2 seconds . . . then 2 seconds later the same attribute changes back to 0 ?

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