Get Fiquette finally out on "Google Play"

dimsdaledimsdale Member Posts: 385
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"Get Fiquette" is out now for the first time on Android, and its free!!!


  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Member Posts: 1,274

    Congrats! One of the best GS games ever made in my opinion.

  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Member Posts: 34
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    I downloaded this for iOS and it is a really nice game however I'll give you my feedback. After playing for 10 minutes I found nowhere to make the in-app purchases to remove the highly annoying ads, with no ability to make a quick in-app purchase the ads are enough to delete the game. Honestly I would have made the purchase but couldn't figure it out. Also their is no pause game button or ability to access game settings, such as making an in-app purchase. The interactivity and opening of windows is great however I was really expecting the birds to dump on this guys head to stop him!

  • dimsdaledimsdale Member Posts: 385

    @DaddyMagic, thank you very much for the feed back. I took the all the in-app purchase stuff out. On the old builds, no one was buying it at a $1. (Plus I can't work out the GS_InApp code anymore). The first level shows you how to access the menu and pause the game. You just pull down the little ring at top of the screen. I'll add a little reminder text for people that miss's it. Later levels, if you tap on sleeping birds you will get the desired result :)

    @BazookaTime, thanks mate!!

  • DaddyMagicDaddyMagic Member Posts: 34
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    ok I see the pull-down ring now, perfect, ok I will play the later levels now to see the birds drop a dump haha :), it's sad all the hard work we put into these games and no one can handle paying $1, I would pay the $1 to get rid of the ads and support fellow developers. I sure hope the GS in-app code works that's scary news. It does bother me GS updates are incredibly slow and development seems to have stopped completely.

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