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Hi my game was46mb i then use gamesalad publish my game then i notice it was up to 386mb. i need answers from game salad about this. i send to apple and got message that my game exceed 100mb limits i dont think this is right game salad should not compile the file that way it becomes so damn big now. i work on this game for 12 weeks i want answers now . Forget going to google i need extension pack. Game salad should be clear on this that when making a game it should have a limit or no more then 10mb. because we triple the size with our publishing methods. I want answer answer answers this really frustrate me
this very stupid of them to do this.


  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Member, PRO Posts: 1,632

    What you are describing is not normal practice when publishing so its a little unfair to be blaming GS for this, there must be something else going on in your project.

    Have you used a png compression on your images in your project?

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    Something isn't quite right. Project should not increase by 10x.

    Not sure what the problem is. Is there a lot of sounds and music in the game?

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    The 100mb limit is for over the air download only, you can upload a max size of 4gb.

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    GameSalad "uncompresses" images to make loading faster (on mobile, unintuitively, disk access is faster than decompress CPU time). You can reduce the size of your binary by changing some of your images to jpg (you'll need to dig around the project file as this is not officially supported yet, but it works). Basically, if your games has some photo like images that don't require transparency/alpha, try saving those as JPGs and see if that helps.

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    All my image and sounds have been compress to the max i made sure of that that's why it took so long for this game to finish. my file size is 46mb all images are png compresses to about 80 percent. all my sound have also been compress to the max. go through game salad and file goes up to 320 now apple asking for some sort of way for thinning. Google console is asking me to use expansion file and it doesnt even exist on the console.
    Ive been working on this game over 3 month and we did are best to keep it small. and this is the end result. I will blame game salad for this no business compiling files like that
    what your suppose to great a game with what 5mb.

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    @articwolf65 said:
    All my image and sounds have been compress to the max

    Then this is your issue, you have compressed your file to get a small project but like @adent42 states above, GameSalad decompresses the files for use.

    Unfortunately, GameSalad doesn't support an expansion pack so somehow, you will have to bring down the size of your game without compressing the images.

  • articwolf65articwolf65 Member, PRO Posts: 63

    adent42 can you show me example about converting to jpg without transparency/alpha
    the image i have dont need transparency

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    Also make sure you aren't using images that are too large resolution-wise. You are wasting both RAM and file size.

    To get the JPEGs working, first off, make a BACKUP! Can't stress this enough, especially if it is your first time.

    Close GameSalad. Open up the GameSalad folder package. Find the images folder. Concert all your images without transparency into JPEG format and drop them into this folder, deleting all corresponding PNGs. Don't open GameSalad yet!

    In the folders, find the XML that lists assets. Open it and find all the images that you changed to JPEG in the XML file. Re-type .png to .jpg -- save the file and close it.

    Now you can open GameSalad and it should work.

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    Once Ken does some tests, we will go through and find a solution.
    Its just taking things steps by step to not assume something is causing it.
    The game has followed the 2 x size rule (in terms of images vs actors), and actors are kept within the smaller aspect ratio to reduce ram issues.

    The game has a lot of sound files, and Images. Its just a matter of time going through and making sure they are all correct.
    Thanks everyone for providing answer to help out @articwolf65


  • articwolf65articwolf65 Member, PRO Posts: 63

    Thank you guys its much appreciated

  • articwolf65articwolf65 Member, PRO Posts: 63

    Well happy to say that it worked out i convert all images to jpg went to my xml file changed all png to jpg sent her up to publish with GS it came back down 75mb ipa format
    so i have a green light to publishing. Thank you all for your help pHghost, TwoE, adent42.

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