Project Merger for GameSalad™ Projects


  • rainwaterstudiosrainwaterstudios Member, PRO Posts: 192

    What happens if both projects contain attributes or actors that have the same name?

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Member Posts: 1,682

    Names of the attributes or actors don't matter, even in one project file, you can have many files with the same name, they have their own ID (that we don't see) that are used when merged. Just remember to back up your files first before merging. Try it and see! In a few rare cases, the merger does perform as expected as GS has some updates that were not compatible, but in 95% of files, the merge performs as expected.

  • Isaacnaylor305Isaacnaylor305 Member Posts: 1

    The link doesn't work.

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