iPad sales comparing to iPhone sales

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lets use an example: Around how much would a utility iPad app that is in the top 25 paid apps in the US utility category make? Around how much would the same utility app remade for iPhone in the same rank as the iPad version make?? (try to get as close to real sales figures as you can)

Just seeing if the iPad marketplace is expanding


  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    Sorry about having to bump this but I am very interested in hearing an answer
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    Not sure about your question, but at least for me iPad sales have always been around 30% of my iPhone / Touch Sales.
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    Also I'd make it for iPhone / Touch because they're more mobile, and more "utlity" devices while the iPad is more of a gaming device...
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    For me I was very surprised about how good my ipad sales were. I only made one of my games available for the ipad because I wanted to see how sales would be. I'll be making my other games and future games for the ipad now too.

    Your rank on the ipad sales list will be much higher than the iphone simply because there are about 200,000 more apps on the iphone.

    One of my games on the iphone after updating it reached #41 in the racing category, but stayed in the #50's for a few days.

    My ipad app of the same game and price got to #7 and stayed at #9 or #10 for a few days where it is now.

    My sales for this game on the iphone never topped $20 in a day and had about $20 the day after the update when it was #41 in the racing category.

    My ipad version made $33 on the same day it was in the top 10.

    I'm debating on changing the price to $1.99 for the ipad version simply because a very high percentage of ipad games charge more than the iphone counterpart.

    Its the same game on both devices but is better on the ipad because you can see more of the level around your character due to the higher resolution.

    I might change it to a $1.99 after it drops out of the top 10. I'd hate to do anything to jeopardize that position as I imagine being in the top 10 is a good sales boost even in a sub category.
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    I'd LOVE to make iPad apps but I don't have one to test on. I'm not releasing a game without thoroughly testing on the specific hardware it's intended for.
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    I felt the same way polygame. But since iphone and ipad are almost identical in all ways that matter, I just did it and it worked fine with no problems. The accelerometer and so forth appear to be the same. I did of course make a mac version of my ipad version and played it thoroughly using my macbook first.
  • POLYGAMePOLYGAMe Member Posts: 3,470
    Yeah but onscreen buttons etc can be so messed up. You really need to "feel" the game... you'll notice the tiniest things that need changing when using actual hardware. Seriously, I spent days fixing stuff that worked fine in the GS viewer but no on the actual iPhone.
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    What do you mean messed up? If you mean they look like they are in good positions on the computer screen but when you put them on the ipad or iphone they are hard to get to I understand. It was not an issue in my game as my onscreen buttons are invisible.

    They should not move to different positions though. If you set the resolution up for 1024 x 768 then make a mac version all should be well on the ipad if it is good on the mac version.

    My macbook screen is not much different in size to an ipad screen so it'd be fairly easy to simulate where the buttons need to be.
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