Apple vs Google Play vs Amazon

Hi all, how is your experience between these 3 platforms?
I want to evaluate if making an Amazon version is worth it, vs the work involved in registering, purchases, ads, achievements, etc.



  • Triangularity GamesTriangularity Games Founder/Owner MarylandMember Posts: 140

    I publish to all 3. Amazon is super easy because they accept unsigned APKs. So when you publish and sign for Google Play, you can send the unsigned APK to amazon. I don't have too much experience with all those other things, but my leaderboards are through Amazon, so it's the same as my Google Play version. Apple has always been my difficult one because they require a different leaderboard and signing process, plus I don't actually own an iOS device :neutral:
    Oh, and I forgot to mention Amazon is FREE!

  • CasualEvolutionCasualEvolution Member, PRO Posts: 446

    Hi @Triangularity Games thanks!
    I did not know that the Amazon leaderboard could be used in Goolge, is it the same for the Achievements? It would be great because my game does have leaderboard and achievements in Apple and I was removing in Google.

    Can I also use Amazon's iAPs in Google? that would be great too, Google does not have my country enabled for purchases and on Amazon I think it is possible.

    I'm going to see how it is to be a developer at Amazon, what you tell me already makes it worthwhile!
    Thank you very much :)

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