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Image Blending Modes??

ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
Is there any way to change what blending mode an image uses, like additive, screen, multiply etc? Otherwise, how are you supposed to make good looking explosions. Especially for particles.


  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
  • xactoxacto Posts: 146Member
    You can change ALPHA percentages.
  • ShanestaShanesta Posts: 63Member
    I know you can change the alpha, but thats not what I'm talking about. I mean the blending mode, like the way you can set layer blending modes in Photoshop, or other game engines. Additive blending is a very common blending mode used on explosions. This is a must have feature. Unless your explosion are 100% opague, they look dull, unless they are blended with additive mode. All games use additive blending for explosion effects, unless they are masked oldschool type games.
  • Fafnir312Fafnir312 Posts: 161Member
    I'm new here. Hello. I too was wondering if there are blend modes. I don't see them and they'd be quite nice to have.
  • CobraCobra Posts: 160Member
    Thanks for the suggestion - it's on our radar.
  • dandan Posts: 28Member, Chef Emeritus
    GameSalad introduced support for additive blending in 0.6.0. Now, in 0.8.9, we have added two additional modes: Screen and Multiply! For more information, see:
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Posts: 3,206Member
    I was going to request multiply!
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