Image Blending Modes??

ShanestaShanesta Member Posts: 63
Is there any way to change what blending mode an image uses, like additive, screen, multiply etc? Otherwise, how are you supposed to make good looking explosions. Especially for particles.


  • ShanestaShanesta Member Posts: 63
  • xactoxacto Member Posts: 146
    You can change ALPHA percentages.
  • ShanestaShanesta Member Posts: 63
    I know you can change the alpha, but thats not what I'm talking about. I mean the blending mode, like the way you can set layer blending modes in Photoshop, or other game engines. Additive blending is a very common blending mode used on explosions. This is a must have feature. Unless your explosion are 100% opague, they look dull, unless they are blended with additive mode. All games use additive blending for explosion effects, unless they are masked oldschool type games.
  • Fafnir312Fafnir312 Member Posts: 161
    I'm new here. Hello. I too was wondering if there are blend modes. I don't see them and they'd be quite nice to have.
  • CobraCobra Member Posts: 160
    Thanks for the suggestion - it's on our radar.
  • dandan Member, Chef Emeritus Posts: 28
    GameSalad introduced support for additive blending in 0.6.0. Now, in 0.8.9, we have added two additional modes: Screen and Multiply! For more information, see:
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    I was going to request multiply!
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