GS alternatives for inserting other APIs?

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Hi all!

My pickle is this: I love using GameSalad for making interactive thingies because my coding skills are poor, so I use GS a lot for making interactive games that don't need internet connection. However more and more I also want to make apps that include outside influences that GS can't accommodate. For instance, using a Google API to get GPS location information, or to be able to be influenced by MIDI input, etc etc.

So what I'm really looking for is a more general app maker that, like GS, allows you to build the app without the need for much coding skills. Surely there is a WYSIWYG program out there that is like a simplified xcode that can output to the same file types that GS can?

Does anyone know if such a program exists? Like an app making for kids program or something? Unity maybe?



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    @Lokitoes I'll PM you, fella....

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    Sigh... ..well, after responding directly to a few people with queries like this ^^^, with in-depth help and advice, and not getting a single response/acknowledgement / thanks back in my inbox, I think I'll just not bother in future... :wink:

    But hey, maybe you've just not seen my message I pm'd to you, eh, @Lokitoes ? :smile:

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    Sorry to hear that @Japster.

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    @Twayne2 said:
    Sorry to hear that @Japster.

    Cheers mate - I wouldn't mind, but these aren't easy or quick questions to helpfully answer...

    So after taking a while, you don't even get a response or indication that the asker has even seen your message....

    Back in the (very) old days, we'd get some kind of response or acknowledgement/thanks back, hence I was always happy to help - it's the same sort of thing that motivates (or de-motivates) teachers....

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    Makes sense.

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