Need help signing APK

Game: BinjaPunch

I've followed tutorials and tried different versions of JDK. It either says APK signed and doesn't generate a signed apk or gives me an error saying its self signed. Either way I'm unable to get my game playable on any type of device other than the arcade. If somebody could help me figure this out I'd be willing to compensate them for their assistance. Much appreciated. Thanks.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 563

    your description is a little vague.

    where/when are you getting errors (ie. what stage of the publishing process)?

    basic checklist (quickly off the top of my head):

    save your gs project
    hit publish
    add/update your app to/on your portfolio
    fill in the required fields
    generate apk/rc
    sign project

    if you can provide details of what stage you are getting errors, and what message you're getting, one of us members or the gs crew may be able to help guide you. i know i had an absolute b!tch of a time trying to publish my first project on both apple and android.

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