Overwriting existing build with newer one does not recognize new attributes/table values

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Im trying to update our game that is currently on the appstore and add leaderboards and highscore functionality. the problem with this is all the new logic i have set up are based on new columns i've created on already existing tables. By extension when a player updates this, it doesn't seem to register all the new attributes/values I've created for the highscores and rankings. The result is icons and text not showing up because they reference new table values. The only solution I have found is to completely delete the app from the device and re-install it. But then this creates a new problem and that is it clears all the progress you have made. I have to specificy though, that this is all from testing on test fairy. I have a strong feeling it will be the same when actually updating the app through the appstore, since i have had similar problems in the past with another game. So the question is has anyone encountered this problem and if there is some obvious solution to this? Thank you.


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    salad tables are weird. salad won't recognise updated values to an already existing table, but will recognise new columns and rows for whatever reason. no idea how to fix it sorry.

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    @bob loblaw thats unfortunate. going to have to figure out some serious work arounds to this :/ *edit: yea realized the only simple workaround to this is just create new tables for future updates. thanks for answering any way. cheers.

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