Anyone know of a Sudoku template

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Anyone know if there's a Sudoku template for GS I could buy somewhere or tutorial?
Not so much interested in building one - more in trying to understand some of the logic behind it.
Especially if it includes a randomness in the way the numbers are generated...


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    I am (slowly) working on a template. Video below. Its on my to-do list after I finish another.

    At the moment, it's just the layout in the video. But I have added in logic so you can only add in available numbers within a grid.
    So you will never have two or more of the same number in a 3 x 3 grid.
    And the logic to see if it is completed is still under way.

    You tap a square to rotate through numbers being placed.
    You hold a square to see what Grid it is in, other numbers equal to it, and the row and col it belongs to.

    Still working on design, it's a bit rough.

    There is no plan to have an auto generation of level. I don't think I can do that. I just use a table to reference / edit levels.

    Announcement here:

    Let me know if interested personally, otherwise I expect to have a finish product in two weeks.


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    Thanks a lot @Two.E
    What you've got there looks really great already! Love the colours and simplicity.
    I think I have a fairly good idea of getting it functional when it's a static puzzle with Tables etc...
    I was more curious about the possibility of auto-generated levels - but realising now that's probably a whole different headache! :)
    If you do complete the template at some point I'd still be interested in purchasing it to see how you've approached it - but nothing urgent... it's more of a curiosity thing.
    Many thanks!

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