Making un-redact text game - drag and drop - I'm dumb, need help

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Hi GS hivemind!

I'm hoping to make a game where you un-redact 'classified' text: imagine a screen where each scene is the image of a classified document with all the text redacted/blacked out. Instead, multiple options of text actors are floating around the edges of the screen (or something like this). People 'catch' a text actor on touch and drag it in to drop it in the correct place to fill in the redacted image. If they've picked the wrong text actor or aren't putting the text where it is meant to go, it bounces away. If they put it in the right place, it replaces the blacked out section, and eventually all the text is filled in by their dragging and dropping, at which point we move to the next classified page to continue.

So essentially I'm hoping to make a touch-enabled pick, drag, and drop function a bit like what one might see in games like this, but with a couple of extra steps:

However I want the items to only be dropped in specific places - if you drop it in the right place, it comes up as correct, if you drop it in the wrong place, it rejects it (maybe bounces away or something). So each actor that is being dragged and dropped needs to know where it's correct place is on the screen. Beyond this, while the actors won't change, the scenes will change, so they also need to know not just their correct place to be dropped, but the right scene to be dropped into.

Would this be a case of every drag and drop actor has its own corresponding 'right place' actor? If so, do I marry them together with an attribute, and if so, what kind of attribute should I choose for this?

If I'm overcomplicating it and there is another way to do an un-redact game that you have seen please do let me know!

This is going on an interactive projector, not made for small screens, so I can afford to have a fair amount going on in the one page - when people drag in the text they will be dragging it across around 1m of wall space.



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    Hi again, I've made a very simple version where the corresponding actors simply destroy each other on overlap. It's not great functionality as there is no sense of it being properly 'dropped' in the right place, particularly because it destroys before you've let go of the actor. If anyone can think of a way to do it with nicer functionality than destroy or interpolate on overlap please let me know.

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    I didn't include notes - but there is not much logic involved.
    Essentially, each Redaction is a black actor. It has a unique ID. It then saves its X + Y Positions to a table.

    Then there is a word. That word needs to have a matching ID value equal to the black actor that it will "Overlap".

    That word actor will check, using the table, to see if it is within a Area of Error of the correct position. If so, it will lock into place.

    The area of error is simple a game.attribute value. It is set to 20 pixels.

    Using tabes allows you to be able to see when all the words have been correctly placed -- as shown.

    Hope that Helps!


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    Wow @Two.E that is a lot nicer than what I came up with, thank you so much!!!

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