Character Movement

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Hi everyone,

I was doing small adjustments to my game, when I realize the movement of my actor is weird.

All I want for him to be able to do is when you tap screen, he moves either up or down. For example, he's on the ground, you tap screen, he goes up (and stays there), then you tap screen again, he goes down (and stays there), and so on. I thought I did it properly, but in the preview, if I double click, or just click a lot, he ends up moving either a bit more up, or a bit more down than the max I'd want him to go to. Is it the preview acting up, or maybe I just did it wrong?

If you can help, how do I properly just make my character go either up or down when you tap screen (I'm making him dodge obstacles going his way)?

Thank you


  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 1,782

    It's going to depend on your logic. You can either post a sample project with how you're doing it now or you can contact support (blue chat button, bottom right). Publish your project to our portfolio server, send them a link to the project, and they should be able to help you!

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