Android Load Screen Tilt Bug and Loading Speed

Hi folks,
Been a while. Just curious, did GS ever fix the start up loading speed issue for Android? I have a Galaxy S10+ that I am testing some of my old apps and even for it things are too slow. I am wondering if its worth updating my apps and if this will fix it. Because simply being dependent on the better processing of modern devices isn't ideal (not everyone has a new device). Second thing, remember the load screen tilt bug on Android where the loading image change to potrait but not be centered, was that fixed?
I am thinking of renewing my subscription since I have a couple of quick ideas I would rather do here than do on Unity. And it would be annoying if these simple things have been sorted over a year since I was last here.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 566

    i think the portrait thing still happens. it did on my app when i updated and tested on my a6 tablet.

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