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Code Signing apps for the Mac App Store

MusicBoutiqueMusicBoutique Posts: 108Member, PRO
edited October 26 in Working with GS (Mac)

Has anyone managed to publish to the Mac App Store recently?
I have no problem for iOS apps but can't seem to manage for MacOS.
I've created a Mac Dev certificate and an app provisioning profile (like you would for iOS) - I download and click on it I get the message saying that provisioning profiles need to be imported within Xcode but I can't find any way to do that. (even from preferences/accounts inside Xcode)

Unless I was creating the app with Xcode and signed it there directly I don't know how you can do it from a GS build... I have 3 Mac apps already published that I haven't updated for a while so I know it used to be possible & wondering if any of you have managed to publish/update to Mac App store recently... or have any tips?
I feel like there must be a simple thing I'm missing but spent the whole day on it yesterday without success...


  • MusicBoutiqueMusicBoutique Posts: 108Member, PRO

    So I've tried everything I can think of and still no luck. If anyone has managed to publish apps to the Mac App store using xcode 10 or above I'd be really really grateful for any kind of walkthrough... (However basic because I feel like I must be missing something obvious.)
    My Mac apps are currently still in 32 bit and no longer compatible so I either need to find a way to update them or will need to remove them.

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