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Hi guys,

Has anyone tried making a personality quiz in GS? By this I mean a quiz that weights the answers chosen in order to put the user into a category by the end of the test. For instance, a "what tv character are you?" kind of test.

What would be required to weight the answers like this? I can imagine the basics of having each response tied to a particular attribute, for instance, but there would then need to be a rule set up to say that the answer strain clicked most leads to a particular outcome. So it would need to be counting the attributes.

Any suggestions are very welcome! :blush: :blush: :blush:


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    Eventhough something like that is perfectly doable in Gamesalad and there are multiple ways of achieving what you want, it should be mentioned that lots of rules will have to be written for this and I think it'll be rough to get this done in a proper manner. However, that's not what you asked, so this is an example I just thought of: First set up a table for your 'characters' and their characteristics.

    In this table each column represents one of the characteristics and each row is one character. So in each row, you see an integer for each characteristic. If your questions are set up in a way that each answer adds or subtracts from an index/integer-attribute (stored in another table, perhaps) for each of your characteristics, you can compare the users answer-attribute to the attributes you set in your table (in the example) and see where it's close and where it isn't.

    This is far from simple, in my opinion. Kinda depends on how thorough you wanna be.

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