General Release 2021-10-25: New Android Build System, RC 2021-08-04 for iOS promoted.

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Hello everybody! We moving ahead with promoting our RCs for iOS and moving to a new build system for Android.

iOS (from 2021-08-04):


  • Ad Network Updates:
    • IronSrc
    • Admob 8.4.0
    • Chartboost 8.4.1
  • Tweeting with "requestIDFA" in the image and the message should bring up the TrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler


  • requestIDFA now works properly as described above.

Android (2021-10-25)


  • New build system.
  • Target SDK: 30
  • Min SDK: 21
  • Android Billing 4.0.0
  • Ad Network updates
    • Admob: 20.3.1
    • Chartboost: 8.2.1
    • IronSrc: 7.1.11 and updates to all mediated network
  • Google Play Game Services 20.0.1


  • Fix issue that sometimes broke 16-bit characters received in network request. It would manifest as a font rendering issue where two "blank block" characters would show where 1 should be.


I'll spare you a lot of the details, but the general advantages of the new android build system are:

1) Faster build times.

2) Fewer errors from permutations of ad networks.

3) Support for AAB with Asset Delivery (Google's replacement for expansion files).

4) Still supports APK building, now using the same process that builds AABs.

Until we release a new RC after Nov 1, 2021 (today), the RC and the Release versions are the same.

As for other questions. No, we haven't worked out aab signing on the tools yet, and we've hit a roadblock with the new 'all-in-one' signing tool approach we were looking into. We'll continue to research the best way to get app signing for both APKs and AABs in your hands and will let you know when we figure out the approach we want to take.

For now, you will need to sign your own AAB files with jarsigner. You should google "signing aab files command line". For me the top result is:

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore xample.jks bundle.aab keystoreAlias

-sigalg SHA1withRSA should be adjusted to match the algorithm of your actual keys in your keystore. SHA1withRSA and SHA1withDSA are most common, but MD5withRSA and MD2withRSA are also possible.

-keystore xample.jks , xample.jks should be replaced with the actual path to your keystore

bundle.aab should be the path to your aab file.

keystoreAlias should be the alias you used when adding your signature key to the keystore.

More details on manual signing can be found here:




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