What are you working on?

adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 3,052

I'm curious what people are working on, so hows about you share a sneak peak?


  • pinkio75pinkio75 Member, PRO Posts: 1,212

    Hi @adent42 ,

    as you can imagine from all our discussions i am active on the html5 export front.

    I publish and monetize all my games there, where I find less trouble than the more famous markets like apple and google.

    I suggest you to improve the html5 format if possible, improving the performance in general;

    I'd like to have the games more responsive than they are now.

    And I published some old games with publishers hoping to monetize in other unknown markets to me.

  • The GlessnerdThe Glessnerd Member Posts: 63

    Im more of in the research phase right now, but Im working on a free version of Light the Way, as well an Android version. As it currently sits, people are seeing the game and viewing the product page, but not purchasing.

  • pinkio75pinkio75 Member, PRO Posts: 1,212

    Hard to get sales in 2023.

    Maybe you can add paid extra content to a free base game with ads.

    Be careful with free version... avoid to duplicate the game like free and paid because gplay suspend them very easily...

  • The GlessnerdThe Glessnerd Member Posts: 63

    yes, not completely free. I have three possible directions in mind as of now:

    1. Free with ads, with an in-app purchase to get rid of ads
    2. Free, with in-app purchase that allows progress to be saved
    3. Free to download and play first 10 levels, with an in-app purchase to unlock the remainder of the game

    Not sure which direction would be the most effective.

  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 5,331

    @The Glessnerd My recent release has done okay on iOS, been largely ignored on Android. But we went with a variation on 3, with the first level being free to play and the rest being an IAP. I think this has been the right choice, but what I've been working on is mostly resisting throttling all the people who download it, play to the end of level 1 and then leave a 1 star review saying "Game is not free."

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 3,052

    @Armelline you could set the rating request right before they get to the last puzzle, so they're already invested and have submitted a positive review before they get to the pay gate :p

  • RedRoboRedRobo Member, PRO Posts: 682

    Been mainly doing artwork working with Stable Diffusion AI generator. Anyone else been using it?

    It's blowing my mind! 😮

  • adam36021adam36021 Member, PRO Posts: 45

    I'm working on something very cool!

    It's a tug-of-war space RTS that (i think) pushes the limits on what people think can be done in gamesalad. I'm really just making it for myself, but it'll end up as an HTML5 wrapped executable and I might put it on steam for free just for fun. I'll post a demo when I have the campaign up and running somewhat decently.

    and it's all done in web creator, which has been wonderful except for a few weird behaviours with tables.

  • NoobDevNoobDev Member, PRO Posts: 37

    I currently am working on two new games, one of which is a drug wars type game but it’s 2D instead of the old school text based style. The other is a pirate overworld rpg.

    @adam36021 I have been wanting a html5 game in my inventory. If you are willing to sell the completed project let me know.

    To all other devs I have a section in my released android app where it offers the user in game currency for downloading other games. I usually charge for this but we gamesalad creators should stick together and include links in our most successful games to other projects. If anyone would like to list mine I will list theirs. DM me anytime.

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 774
  • ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 5,331
  • adam36021adam36021 Member, PRO Posts: 45
    edited March 2023

    Got my HTML5 strategy game to a point where I am ready to share it.

    It's a fairly complicated RTS game. You gather Ore, construct ships, and they battle it out.

    There's a mini tutorial, a Deckbuilder where you can choose your fleet, a game mode for battling AI opponents, and there is support for local multiplayer (on the same device). I've included a rulebook in a google doc in case anyone really wants to sink their teeth in to the system.

    Up next is a proper campaign, and possibly some basic network-driven features.

    Still rough around the edges but in a pretty good place!

  • geoascenciogeoascencio Member, PRO Posts: 61

    It's called UltraKick FC! I've been working on this for about 10 months, and I've redone the artwork twice. But it's about 90% done. I have to add the commentary voice and have comments be said on specific scenarios and do some small retouches on the art. The hardest part that needs to be figured out is how to get it to work on multiple devices. It was supposed to be a 2 player game that I could play with friends and family but after having fun playing it alone and decided to do a single player mode as well. Let me know what you guys think!


  • aliye012aliye012 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Guys,

    I am working on ff stylish name.

  • AshumBesherAshumBesher Member, PRO Posts: 121

    I'm busy adding language options to Screaming Loaf on Steam. Switching back and forth between GameSalad and Google Translate for every tiny bit of text in the entire game is so tedious, but hopefully it will get me a few more downloads.

  • uptimistikuptimistik Key Master, Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 254

    Far from complete, but playable-ish LOL

    Color Spin:


    GameSalad Templates and Custom Development at the Official Marketplace: http://gshelper.com

  • Jeffm2Jeffm2 Member, PRO Posts: 142

    I am working on an HTML5 learning quiz game for a heath professional outreach. The players take a quiz to see what they know about their chosen health career and if they earn enough stars they are automatically played a video giving them more info. I am trying to use the new video playback component but it doesn't seem to work. it just skips the scene (or seems to). when played on a desktop in a browser. Has anyone had any success using this new "tweet sheet" in html5 ?

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 3,052

    @jeffm2 Are you running on iOS or Android? I think on iOS you need to explicitly name domains content is allowed from (I'd need to double check). If you're having trouble testing on a browser, send me a link and maybe I can debug it.

  • Jeffm2Jeffm2 Member, PRO Posts: 142

    @ardent243 Thank you. It was in a browser and I think it was my implementation. I was gfoing to a scene that contained an actor that already had the behavior in it. When i spawned an actor with the behavior (like in the recipe you posted, it works fine. Now just need controls lol.

    Thank you and happy holidays!

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