Ad revenue off of gamesalad games?

RandomTurkeysRandomTurkeys Member Posts: 17
hello, my friend and I are about half way through our first shooter, "Desert Defense". We are wondering, is it possible to insert ads into your gamesalad created games? And if so, how? Also, how much revenue would we get off of the ads themselves if we were to put the game up for free and got about say 250 downloads the first week?


  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    Do you have a pro membership (the one that costs $1999?) If not, then you can not put ads in your game, its a pro feature only. And the amount of money you make from ads all depends, the majority of people dont even bother clicking on ads. Unless you're app is in the top 100 overall free, then dont expect to make much money with ads
  • RandomTurkeysRandomTurkeys Member Posts: 17
    if we were to buy the pro membership, can you make money from ads off of how many views the ad has?
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    You make very little for ad views, i think a cent or less. If someone clicks it, then you'll be getting a bit over a dollar or so
  • chosenonestudioschosenonestudios Member Posts: 1,714
    Yes you can, but if you only get 250 dl a week you'll get virtually nothing. To make even decent money you'll need thousands of downloads a day.
  • RandomTurkeysRandomTurkeys Member Posts: 17
    so are we best off just getting the $99 dollar membership and forgetting about the ad part of it?
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    Well it all depends on good your app is. Do you think your app can make it to the top? If not, just go with the $99 and make your app paid. Thats probably the better way to go. See if your apps can make money first with express before investing a ton of money on pro
  • chosenonestudioschosenonestudios Member Posts: 1,714
    Not to mention the fill rates are really bad right now, so it probably won't even display ads in your game.
  • RandomTurkeysRandomTurkeys Member Posts: 17
    alright thanks you guys
  • ginnixginnix Member Posts: 41
    Keep away from iAds for now, it is only partially working and you need thousands of downloads per day to make any money.
  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    An update since info on something as new as iads is only current for a short time.

    Most are basing this on the low fill rates a couple weeks ago.

    I have been making a consistent $4-6 per 100 downloads the last couple weeks

    It is actually adding up quite nicely
  • butterbeanbutterbean Member Posts: 4,315
    Fill rates are better, but even with my 3 apps, I'm making about $4-6 a day.

    Go make a better paid app, you'll make more money
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