Anybody here learning Obj C?

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Hi guys,

Is anybody here learning Objective C for apps? If so what are you finding hardest about it and what is your progress. I think for me the memory management (allocate and release) are the hardest parts. Making sure you get the right balance.


  • nightskynightsky Member Posts: 23
    Yeah I am currently learning, making sure I get in a couple of hours per night.
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    I have done a few apps in Xcode, but mostly using Unity 3 now.
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    ginnix said:
    I have done a few apps in Xcode, but mostly using Unity 3 now.

    Same here

    So much talk about learning objective C, but at the end of the day you really need to know how to apply it to your app.

    To me this was a very inspiring quote from one of the better indie devs (maker of OMG pirates and zombieville)

    After reading this post i started to go to work on that list. I have learned a lot and i an apply it.

    HERE is the quote that got me fired up!


    "everything I ever script comes down to using the same features over and over again. I firmly believe that understanding only a small handful of general concepts is more valuable than modifying an existing script to suit your needs. I think its better to build something line by line until it does exactly what you need it to.

    If you know...

    - How to detect touch input
    - How to translate/rotate/scale an object
    - How to play animations and sounds
    - How to modify a material's alpha value or current texture
    - How to access another gameobject or component from any script.
    - How to instantiate prefabs, or pull from a pool of prefabs hidden off screen
    - How to use variables, write if/then statements, for-loops, and other general scripting concepts. "
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    Great stuffs James
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