A Brief Response to Apple's Press Release

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As many of you have probably read, Apple has officially loosened restrictions in relation to the controversial 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and 3.3.9 clauses of the Apple iPhone SDK. In particular, they have given the official ‘okay’ to 3rd party development tools like GameSalad. The GameSalad team has always been confident about our users’ continued ability to publish GameSalad-built games to the Apple App Store, and with yesterday’s press release, we’re thrilled that those who were still hesitant can now share our confidence.

From the beginning, GameSalad has seen games as a form of human communication and expression. Like film, music, art, and every other form of media, games enable people to express themselves and convey complex ideas in an aesthetic and entertaining fashion. The press release yesterday better helps us to make that vision a reality.

We’re very excited about Apple’s announcement, and even more excited about what this means for GameSalad and it’s incredible community of developers.

-The GameSalad Team-


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    What about the "Flash" Flood? Do you think that will be a problem for GameSalad developers?

    Flash pluses
    + Lots of existing content that merely needs to be exported.
    + Ubiquity, as it has much better web support
    + Vector graphics
    + Something of an industry standard
    + Software is purchased, not a subscription

    Flash minuses
    - Hard to use (ActionScript)
    - Performance concerns (It doesn't run well on mobile platforms)
    - Will it support iAds, Game Center and iOS hardware features?
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    Nice to see what, that someone from GS heard the news. I am sorry and humbly submit that there are a load of programmers who know flash very well and they are going to in the future make it even harder to stand out in the crowd. GS needs to move quickly to the number one position of game dev systems for the Idevice line. I think there are areas in GS that need work, while Flash and Lingo are more difficult in certain ways, it means that now Adobe, a company with huge pockets will cause GS problems, unless the product exceeds the ability of Flash.

    I am happy as GS is my poison of chose, that we seem not to have to fear making a app with GS and have it rejected due to the source. Adobe is thankfully not that creative, most of the products they have they bought from other companies who were indeed creative, Flash is one of those products, it came from the Mac known in the old days, as Movie Works created by Marc Cantor. I did the sound digitizing hardware for the mac, know as the MacNifty Audio Digitizer, our sound format was supported by Apple, and then they put the hardware to digitize on the Mother Board and that kind of messed things up for our product.

    The point is this, it is going to get much hotter n the kitchen with GS, and now they truly will have a competitor, for that presumed easy of creation. We all know its still going to be a lot of work for developers no matter what you use, I would for one like to know what plans GS has for the future and how they are going to combat Adobe.

    The Amiga computer was heads and shoulders above most computers when it hit the streets, it had stereo sound, lost of colors, animation and blah blah blah, they had Apple on their knees a bit with the 64, they made bad choices moving forward, I hope that the folks at GS are aware of this turn, and do not see it only in a positive light, there is a dark side to this and Darth Vader is not someones father.

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