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Just got the iPhone 4.......

iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
And I am loving it. So much faster than my iPhone 3G.

I'm not even experiencing the signal issue.

Still having to adjust to the Retina display. I CAN'T SEE THE PIXELS... OMG, where are you pixels!?


  • EastboundEastbound Posts: 1,074Member, BASIC
    Yeah, when I first got the iPhone 4 I just kept staring at the screen. It's amazing.
  • iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
    Eastbound said:
    Yeah, when I first got the iPhone 4 I just kept staring at the screen. It's amazing.

    When ever I look at my computer's screen after looking at the Retina display, my eyes have to adjust. iPhone 4 is at the bounds of what the human eye can see.
  • cbtcbt Posts: 644Member
    How much did you pay it at total?
  • iDeveloperiDeveloper Posts: 441Member
    @cbt: I paid $210.XX for it. Got the dock for both the iP4 and iPad.

    @Mateen_Appstore: The more I look, the more I think the white one is going to T-Mobile. Rumors of it being a "challenge" to manufacture, plus the various T-Mobile rumors out there.

    HDR photos on iOS 4.1 rock. HD Video recording is just.......plain......awesome. FPS is the standard, 29.97 FPS, meaning the HD Video is not choppy.
  • cbtcbt Posts: 644Member
    is it 210$ or 2100$ ?

    If it is 210$ do you have to pay any monthly fees etc.?
  • cbtcbt Posts: 644Member
    So, how much would it cost with monthly fees?

    I'm asking because here on my country cars are super expensive..

    For example new Peugeot 407 2000cc is 75000$

    I wonder if it is the same with phones too...
  • cbtcbt Posts: 644Member
    Mateen_Appstore said: dude :)

    Oh, wow.. They had a website all this time??
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