New here.. Will a Mac Mini be powerful enough?

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Hello all!

I'm new to the site and JUST bought a new computer last week, then found the site. I have lots of game ideas I want to bring to life. I'm hoping this is the right place.

My question is will a Mac Mini computer dedicated to just this endeavor with maybe an external memory in the future be powerful enough to make games with using GS software?

It comes with 2Gigs of memory and I see I just need 1 to download the program...$99 a year seems fair for all the potential profit. Just need to know before I spend $600.00 on it...IRS on sale unopened...last one. Thx!


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    Sorry IT'S on sale...I love spellcheck.
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    @ Ledge Mac Mini will be fine, but just remember you will also need to purchase Apples Developers License and the Game Salad software to sell games, both $99 per year.
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    @ JC Ford Thanks for the input I appreciate it. I'm putting a deposit on the mini and I'm gonna read up a bit more. I'm 90% sure I'm taking the plunge!
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    I have a question... Do you suggest getting an Apple display as well?

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    I have a mac mini with 2gb or RAM and it works fine. I have illustrator, safari, xcode, photoshop, and GS running all the time. 2gb will be fine.

    Also, Apple displays are awesome, but typically they are severely overpriced. (They have a lot more pixels, but it doesnt matter too much). I have a 28inch Samsung monitor, 1080p, works amazing. Not as good as Apples (obviously), but works incredibly well. Highly recommended.
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    Thanks all!
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    hello! im new as well to gamesalad but have alot of xcode expierence and some flash so im catching on very quick. i use a mac mini hooked up to my hdtv threw the hdmi port and is simply amazing! Just like chosenonstudios i run safari, xcode, gimp, pixen, gamesalad and limewire all at the same time with zero issues at all!
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    Welcome @Ledge!

    another mac mini here...

    absolutely no all-time favorite computer ...
    your monitor will work fine as will kb, mouse, printer, speakers, microphone, camera, etc.

    don't be misled by the small size...the guts are well packed! They are so powerful...Apple sells them as snow leopard servers.

    I have a small work area...and like the size and access to the mini on my desk.

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    Luving the mini
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    JCFord said:
    @ Ledge Mac Mini will be fine, but just remember you will also need to purchase Apples Developers License and the Game Salad software to sell games, both $99 per year.

    I am going to go all in guys, in two weeks ill have all the cash i need to get everything. Im going to hook it up to my 42" HDTV and get a cordless mouse and keyboard.

    Another questiion, can I wait to purchase the licence from Apple until I an ACTUALLY ready to release the game?

    Gamesalad 99$ I undestand.

    Just it seems stupid to buy it now, then maybe it might take me six months to get the game ready for the App Store, so $ix months down the can?

    Thanks again all.
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    Yes u can wait u can wait on GS until u ready to test on device or publish
    Just one problem with hooking up to 42" tv
    If u married and y'all use this tv for watching u will get in
    Trouble cause you and GS will consume it lol
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    Haha nah I'm good I have a spare 42". For when "such a time may arise" that I I need to watch something that my wife may not be interested in.
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    I had a mac mini I bought off of the Refurb section... it rocked. Would buy again. Currently in love with my 27" iMac refurb :)
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    Love my Mac Mini!
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