Experienced composer and sound designer for iPhone & iPad, apps, games

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Looking for a soundtrack or sound effects for your next iPhone and iPad game? I'm an experienced and award winning iPhone and iPad app game music soundtrack composer and sound effects designer. Check out my portfolio here:


Click on "contact me" on the webpage to send me an email about your next project.




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    *thumbs up*

    I'm glad that people with varying artistic and creative talents are listing on the GS forum. This should really help kickstart some GS creators. ^_^
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    E-mail has been sent.
  • DimensionGamesDimensionGames PRO Posts: 993
    awesome stuff im taking music GCSE i wish i could make music like that :L
  • mdubmusicmdubmusic Member Posts: 2
    I've recently redesigned my website. You can find all the information you need about iPhone game composer, iPad app composer, and iOS music composer activities here:

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