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Hi, everyone! New guy here - my name is Evan. Just downloaded GameSalad a few days ago, and went through and watched the 10 video clips on creating an iPhone game. Very interesting stuff.

My friend and I are currently in the design, drawing and planning phase of making a game. We would like to create something that is kind of like a cross between Canabalt (http://www.canabalt.com/) and Mirror's Edge 2D (http://www.mirrorsedge2d.com/).

What do you all think that the difficulty of creation would be for something like that?

Essentially, what we'd like to do is create something like Canabalt, but with a level-based style, and the added ability of being able to not only jump but slide and swing from objects, as well, in addition to some other possible actions.

We have most of the artwork done, so I'll be sure to post some as soon as possible. :)


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    A canabalt -style game is doable, but swinging might be a bit much to create.
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    Would sliding across something be an issue? Say, a guard rail, etc.
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    No, if you have the animation.
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    Excellent, thanks. Just out of curiosity, why exactly would swinging be difficult to create?
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    It depends on what kind of physics that will be used to make the swing. GameSalad currently uses Box2D Physics, though not using all of the physics needed to make games like Hook Champ or Cut The Rope.
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    ORBZ made a swinging demo a few days ago, check out the demo sticky.
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    welcome to gamesalad evan your gonna have a lot of fun with gamesalad
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    In light of all of this news lately, I figured I'd post a pic of the homescreen of the game I'm working on, anyway...


    Let me know what you all think. I'll be sure to post up artwork of the characters, etc. ASAP. :)
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    Here's the image:

  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,211
    The background and title look great!

    But I think the font for the selection buttons is way too hard to read, especially since it conflicts with the windows. It will be even harder to read on a smaller device.

    I would just change the font and you would be good to go!

    Another nice touch would be to animate the lights in the background and have them move back and forth.

    Just a thought!
  • VoidedSkyVoidedSky Member Posts: 1,095
    Looks Great! Can't wait to see the final product!

  • evopanopevopanop Member Posts: 41
    Thanks! And thanks for the advice Firemaple. :)

    Here is one of our first rough draft sketches for one of the characters.


    He's gone through a few revisions since then, though. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. I should hopefully have some vectors posted this weekend. *crosses fingers* :)
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    Bump. :) Any critiques or advice so far from anyone else?
  • A3MGA3MG Member Posts: 152
    I agree with FMG about the buttons and animating the lights. Might be cool to also have some of the office building lights go on and off sporadically.
  • evopanopevopanop Member Posts: 41
    Excellent idea, A3MG. Thanks! :)
  • ChaserChaser Member Posts: 1,453
    If those are windows on the buildings then I would say make them solid colors or lighted and not cutouts that show whatever is behind them. Nice character
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    Thanks, Chaser, I'll definitely try that out. :)

    Couple more sketches...

    Here's a sketch with the finalized "look" of the female character in a running animation:

    And, here's a cartoony animation of the female character falling:
  • ChaserChaser Member Posts: 1,453
    Or you could leave the windows that way and add more lower so it looks like they were blown out. I'd have to see gameplay and scene to advise more but like the animation sketchups
  • evopanopevopanop Member Posts: 41
    Morning bump. Hopefully there's some more insight and advice. :)
  • forkliftforklift Member Posts: 386
    Having the buildings' lights flickering would be really easy to do in GS. A simple, but large animated actor. Having it animate the lights every rand# of seconds would spice it up.

    FireMapleGames has a demo up about a swinging actor. You might be able to check it out and make it work for your situation: http://gamesalad.com/game/play/70948
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    Hi again, everyone! I just uploaded a quick youtube vid of the Home screen background animated with the lights in the background moving. It came out looking very nice - but for some reason the video didn't record it very smoothly - oh well, you get the idea. :) lol

    (This video came out a bit better, lol)

    I hope you all like it. :D
  • evopanopevopanop Member Posts: 41
    Here's a better quality video of the home screen, including the animations for the buttons. :)

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