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Spooky School ABCs in Review! (with video)

MixelMixel Member Posts: 32
edited November -1 in Announce Your Game!
My first Gamesalad title is in review - it's a simple ABC app with spooky voiceovers, original graphics and music! Despite all the depressing stuff on the board I have really enjoyed learning some GS . I hope they do the right thing(s) for their userbase!

I anticipate adding a lot of functionality in free updates (voice banks, more creatures per letter, possibly even mini games) ..

Lets see if these screenshots work..

You can see more about it at

Oh and thanks to Tshirtbooth for his shake to shuffle code even though I ultimately decided to use a button instead after cringing at my 2yr old daughter waving my iphone around in the air!

So hopefully it will get approved before halloween, I'll keep you posted. :D


  • TyvanTyvan Member Posts: 29
    Looks good.

    Reminds me of my latest game to come out Friday Titled "A is for Animals".

    Great job bro!
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