Help!!! need actor to rotate when touch another actor...

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For the life of me I can't straighten this out. My actor will not rotate until an attribute is true(touching a button I have this working) and it overlaps or collides with another actor but I want it to rotate let's say clockwise if it is touching an actor that is rotating counterclockwise. Also want it so if let's say blue actor touches blue actor they rotate opposite. Any help or ideas would be great. I've played with self attributes and rotate is not an option but self.rotation is however that does not go continually just to an angle


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    Any ideas???
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    You could try using the physics engine. A circular object rotating counterclockwise will make the next circular object rotate clockwise. Try playing with friction so they rub on each other (sounds bad!)
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    Just uploaded a watered down version of the action. If they could spin based on physics that would be great but I couldn't make it work (tried constrain) I don't them to float around. I guess I could make piles of actors but thought there might be an easier way.

    Goal is to have 2 of the same actor (blue) touch itself and spin opposite of the first blue
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    Thanks T I'll have to check it out when I get back from work. You Rock!
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    A little different idea Tshirtbooth
    Think multiple blue actors going reverse of the previous it is overlapping
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    I ended up creating 2 actors both play off each other then changed the instance image and works great. I figured there was some easy work around compared to the piles of behaviors I had planned for some 12+ actors
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