Party Popper has approved! - PROMO CODES!

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Finaly ! its up!
here is a video:


And iTunes link:


Please let me know if you want a promo code and ill send you one,

And please leave a review if you try it!


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    Here are a few for start:


    Enjoy! and please leave a review..
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    I think most of you guys were sleeping when I posted this one because of the time zones difference , so I made a little bump, just In case.. ( and now I'm going to sleep)
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    sure, what i did was making an HD version of my game and added an iphone frame (as an actor) , and just recorded the screen with "screenium"
    as for the tilt and shake animation, i just added some rules to rotate the scene camera so it looks like the whole thing is animated , then added some iMovie effects ,

    by the way, why dont you give the game a try ? tell me what do you think!
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