Game just got reviewed...dang :(

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I just got my game reviewed by, but they gave it a 2/5. I can understand that it was very balanced review, they liked the art style, and they said with little improvements it can be a great game, but the main problems were that it had no local high score or Openfeint.

I love GameSalad, and I now this is asking a lot from the devs, but we need high scores or saves to compete with the competition. Also, I know that its a matter of 'when' and not 'if' that it will happen, so I can wait, but just sayin'...


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    I just read the review and they seem to lean more to not liking the price. Maybe you should move it to .99 cents. I for one am a iPhone gamer player that really doesn't care about high scores. When I want to play a game I want something fast and easy that I can play waiting for a haircut or just laying around the house chilling.

    As a developer I do see the need for retaining high score information and would like to see it sooner then later so like you said 'keep up with the competition'.

    Don't be discouraged by the this review!!!!!

    You did a great job!!!!!

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    Thanks, and I did drop the price to 0.99. Forever.
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