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Official GameSalad Cookbook Video Tutorials

msonesmsones Posts: 75Member, Chef Emeritus
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hey Everyone!

We're in the process of uploading new video tutorials. Soon these will all be available directly from the GameSalad website along with text & screenshot walkthroughs as part of rolling out the new GameSalad Cookbook, but in the meantime you can see them all at the GameSalad Cookbook Youtube channel.

Check it out! We've got a long list of tutorials we're still planning on making, but if there's a specific topic you'd like to see covered please let us know in this thread, and we'll do our best to get some instructions up as soon as possible.

Already up:

Welcome to GameSalad
Overview of GameSalad Basics
Creating New Actors in GameSalad
Creating & Altering Scenes
GameSalad Rules tutorial
Importing Images
Importing Sounds
Autorotate Tutorial
Accelerate Tutorial
Gravity Tutorial
Publishing Tutorial
Working with Music in GameSalad
GameSalad Layers tutorial
Working with Scenes: X&Y Wrapping
Changing a Scene’s Color & Size
Change & Reset Scenes in GameSalad
Detecting if your actor is moving
Distance between Actors
Working with an Actor in a Scene
Recycling Actors in GameSalad
Using Replicate in GameSalad
Spawning Actors in GameSalad
Spawning Random Actors
Actor Attributes
Actor Constraints in GameSalad
Loading and Saving Attributes in GameSalad
Attributes in GameSalad
On & Off Buttons in GameSalad
Generating Random Numbers
GameSalad Camera Controls -
Using Replicate in GameSalad
Using Tags in GameSalad
Collisions & Walls in GameSalad
Drag & Drop
Creating a Health Bar
Using Rotate & Spawn (pt 1)
Rotate & Spawn pt 2 -
Multiscreen Menus pt 1
Multiscreen Menus pt 2
Multiscreen Menus pt 3
Scorekeeping pt 1
Scorekeeping pt 2
Scorekeeping pt 3
Scorekeeping pt 4
Shaking in GameSalad
Using Swipe in GameSalad
Registering with Apple
Viewer Tutorial
Creating a Blast Effect
Instantly Resetting a Scene
Platform-style movement controls
Throwing an object
Targeting History system
Spawning Random Actors in Random Locations
Using Particles for Special Effects
Thrust effect & movement (Moonlander-style)
Drawing Lines
Constraining one actor to a specific point on another actor
Cool Screen-shake effect
Camera movement (following the mouse in large scenes)


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