Game name ideas?

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Hi Guys,

We're having a rethink for Running Wild as a game name and wondering if you have any ideas for a 1 or 2 word name that fits in with the gameplay?

In case you missed the spam recently here's a video of some game play.



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    Does you main character have a name? I'd call him Chet.

    Checkered Chet perhaps.

    Mov'in Marv

    You see where I'm going here.

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  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,312Member, PRO
    He's so cute and I was trying to think of names that match him too:

    But you could do something with this title, and fill in an appropriate name for him like:

    Run Dex, Run! (kinda' like Run Lola Run, the movie) OR Run Baxter, Run! Or even insert "Marv" above, that's a very cute name



    This was a tough one, so I could only think of a few names! :)
  • ScootsScoots Posts: 507Member
    Looks awesome Darren, Graphics are beautiful. Does your character have a name? Thinking of something with his name in it to develop him as the star and build other games around him. similar to how Sonic, Yoshi, Mario or the doodler (doodle jump) have done.
  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    Not sure if I like what I have but thought it might trigger someone else's thoughts ...

    since the gameplay appears to be to be to clear the scene ahead of the character then how about:

    Future Safe, Clear Ahead, Advanced Threat ???

    Also could you tell me what program your designer uses for the great artwork. I am using Photoshop but thought perhaps a vector program might be better?

  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Posts: 5,677Member
    No name for character...sorry guys:(

    Nice ideas...keep em coming..we thought of...



    Artist is a big corelDraw user and loves his vector art.

  • OrochiOrochi Posts: 30Member
    Star Run, Avoid This, Xeno Path
  • scitunesscitunes Posts: 4,047Member, Sous Chef
    I always thought it would be ReWind. (Not necessarily with the capital W). To me the fact that you have to go back through the level makes this game really unique (along with a bunch of other unique elements).
  • StormyStudioStormyStudio United KingdomPosts: 3,986Member
    'ReWind' is cool....if its available....

    otherwise think of a cool name for the character and maybe go with that..

    After reading that development story about the super successful 'finger Physics' the other day, I reckon you should try and go down their route of choosing a name that sums up the game above all else..along with an appropriate logo...
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