Question about In App Purchase Restore Item Action .. And some gremlins

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Hey ,
So i want to add the option to "In App Purchase Restore Item" in the menu
I have some questions about how this works , I have 11 "none-ccunsumable" possible purchases - so that means 11 booleans .

Now lets say the player made 2 purchases and then deletes the game and reinstall , so obviously he will want to restore those 2 purchases ,
In this button ( "In App Purchase Restore Item" ) i have set it to restore all 11 optional purchases once pressed,
what will happen if the player press it? will it restore only the 2 purchases he made and ignore the rest 9 automatically ?
Will a pop up display to tell him that only 2 out of 9 has been restored?

And then , does it saves automatically the attribute with the "table" key like its doing in a normal purchase?

Thanks in advanced


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    For Restoring, what should happen is communication opens up with Apple, similar to a purchasing event. If you only bought 2 of 11 items, only those 2 will be unlocked with the other 9 being ignored since Apple's database will know you have not purchased them. No additional messaging should be seen.

    Then, any unlocked goods will be saved automatically like a purchase event. It is still best practice to include a LOAD ATTRIBUTE behavior in your initial scene associated with your purchases.

    And as you may have guessed, consumables cannot be restored.
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    Thank you very much, i think you guys should add these answers to the tutorial cause i understood everything from it (its very informative) except what i asked.
    I think my game is ready for submission to apple with IAP now , ill run a few sandbox tests and upload ;)

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