How do I make my character jump..

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I know how to make it jump..sort of.. because when i click up button, it moves up and when i let go, it stops there.
How can i make it go back down even when i am pressing up due to gravity?

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  • NovicaStudioNovicaStudio Posts: 174Member, PRO
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    When key Up is pressed for 1 second accelerate upward, after 1 second accelerate downward. I have seen people do that before. It is one of the more simple ways.


  • HC_DKHC_DK Posts: 92Member
    Or you can have a Accelerate with Direction set to 270 outside a rule, just placed in the actor. When UP is pressed change the self.Motion.Linear Velocity.Y to whatever fits your jump.

    That is how we did in Little Dragon
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    Here is a tutorial about setting up basic platformer movement that includes jumping.

  • prajpraj Posts: 68Member
    when i set accelerate to a number to show gravity, and i click up, the character wont budge
  • prajpraj Posts: 68Member
    guys i really need help. can someone tell me how to do it? i saw many videos but none worked. character still can go as high as possible and stops there. i want it to stop after 1-2 sec of jump and come back to floor. BTW my character can go through floor if not bounces off. Any ideas on how to stop bounce? collide always bounces.
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    How can I make my player jump by touch any where in the screen

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    @A.MDeveloper said:
    How can I make my player jump by touch any where in the screen


    Add a rule. change it from when "All" when "Any".
    type Touch select "is outside"
    type Touch select "is inside"
    then do your jump inside the do part of the rule.

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