How to make an actor Jump

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Hello GameSalad community,

First thing to say is I have very little knowledge of the programme whatsoever, I have worked out things like gravity, collisions with actors and actor movement. I had an idea for a 'Retro' style Platformer/Shooter game and I hope to, even just gradually, increase my knowledge of the programme until I can complete my project (I expect it to take a while, considering I only discovered this programme yesterday).

My problem however is I cant figure out how to make my actor jump, I am simply trying to get the hang of actor controlling at the moment but I cant find any decent tutorials or learn within the programme how to jump.

My question simply is, how can I make my actor jump? Any help you can offer for a beginner would be great!



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    to make an actor jump you would need to make a platform for it to jump on so make an actor and name it platform stretch it out to fit the bottom of the screen or any desired area you wish your actor to jump on make the platform none movable.

    then you would need to create a boolean attribute which is a True or false attribute this allows you to make a button function for your actor to jump so go ahead and make new attribution name it jump button then make a new actor called jump button place it onto the scene. and in the jump button actor apply these rules : when actor is pressed/touch
    change attribute to true. and in your otherwise area : change attribute to false.

    then go into your jumping actor and apply these rules : if jump button is true move/accelerate actor in direction of 90^ otherwise move in direction of 270v you may need to play around with the speeds to get the jumping adjustment right but i dont know how you want it but hope this helps also one more thing make your jumping actor collide with platform.
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    Can someone else please explain this? I'm new to this and i still have no idea how to jump. The answer given above is not helping at all, and every video i see on youtube is on a mac and i need help on windows

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    This tutorial should explain it to you:

    It's done on the Mac, but all of the same behaviors and techniques work on windows as well.

    The video below helps to explain some differences between mac and windows if you want to check it out as well:

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    The tutorial I posted above shows you how, have you watched it?

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    Sorry, have to agree. Th video posted is showing a jump in the attributes box. Not seen in the free edition,

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    could someone give me a step by step for the windows free edition jumping cause im lost

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    I also don't know how to make a character jump, as soon as I find out how to do it I will tell you

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    @3dgreg said:
    Sorry, have to agree. Th video posted is showing a jump in the attributes box. Not seen in the free edition,

    The attribute "jumping" is something you add. You'll see Jamie adding it in his video tutorial above (about 9:20 minutes into it). You don't have to be a paid/pro member to be able to make your character jump.

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    I see that you often copy the images on screen. How is that done on Microsoft. Am I clicking the wrong place?

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