Problem with Chartboost ( Android ) and change scene

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I just published an apk with chartboost interestial ads , the ads appear but when i close the ad the scene doesnt change it just gets stuck on the same scene. I have to click on the ad then return back to the game to load it. I tried ticking both portrait and landscape on the chartboost basic settings , and i tried by ticking landscape only. It sometimes works but most of the time the scene doesnt change , it doesnt even load.

I am using the latest gamesalad version for mac, the platform is iphone 5 landscape, This happens on 3 android devices , samsung galaxy s7 edge , samsung galaxy s4 and samsung grand prime.

Can anyone test this with android or did anyone face the same problem ?


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    I'm experiencing the same thing. Any work around to this without switching ad networks?

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    I didn't find a solution sorry , (this is an old thread btw) , I also published a game 2 days ago i had the same issue again with android , the change scene behavior doesnt work sometimes , it happened after i added chartboost to the app. I ignored it since no one else is having the problem and published my app anyway, now it happens 10 % of the time. I talked to support and they couldnt see the bug in their devices it worked fine with them, I even showed them a youtube video of the bug , but it happens with me only so , it might be a regional or internet issue as they said. Not sure.

    All i know is it happens on the first change scene behavior in the game , and there is a 10-20 % chance it happens , if the first change scene behavior works then the rest of the game will function properly.

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    I've been fine with video and interstitial on chartboost for android, if you want to test mine to see if it's your phone it's here, haven't been touched or downloaded in a while so hopefully ads are still active lol (

    With video reward ads I do: when button is pressed GO TO SCENE "AD" (with reward ads on). Then on that scene I just have a rule that is "if anywhere is touched go back to the other scene".

    With the interstitial I always did when die, change scene with interstitial ads. It worked fine...

    What are you trying to do exactly? Change scene in a menu and the int. ad pops up and changes?

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    @NNterprises The first scene you press on level 1 button , but the scene doesnt change and the ad dont display , the scene just gets stuck , it doesnt always happen now it barely does. As i said its an old thread and the problem is 90 % gone.

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    Ohh oh ok buddy good luck

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