State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

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I know you guys are overdue for an update, and I appreciate your patience! Here’s some insight into what we’re working on / how it’s going.

Web Version of Creator

All our development efforts are currently focused on the web version and updates to the HTML5 engine. We’ve made huge progress on the upcoming web version and are looking at having the alpha version out for people to check out within the next month or so.

Some of the notable improvements already in the web version:

  • A reworked expression editor:
    • You can type in it and it’ll autocomplete your attributes / functions for you
    • There’s some very basic error handling
    • You can’t save an invalid expression
    • Tables now have their own section in the expression editor (i.e tables.PurchaseTable)
    • A search bar for actors, images, etc
  • Reworked UI (I really want to share screenshots but can’t yet):
    • We have plans to have dark and light UI
    • You can see instance attributes for an actor while in the scene view
    • Unlocking and locking attributes is more intuitive (there’s a little lock icon next to the attributes that you can toggle)
    • Adding tags isn’t as tedious now: You simply type the name of the tag you want for an actor in a Tags field, and if the tag doesn’t exist it’s added to the list of tags (no more needing to leave the actor view to add tags)
    • You can view, create, and edit game attributes while in the Actor view
    • Really common attributes (i.e color, size, rotation etc) are no longer in dropdown boxes
    • There’s more, but that’s what I’ve got off the top of my head
  • Zoom functionality (finally)
  • Some slight terminology changes to be more in line with actual programming languages (i.e rules now have the sections if, then, else)

We’re also working on using some cool browser tech that will let you edit your games offline even in the browser. So even before we release the wrapped “desktop” versions, you will be able to work offline after the initial upload. Once you’re online, the system will begin to sync your data to our servers.

The preview for the web version will use our HTML5 engine, so one of our devs is giving it a tune up currently. If there’s any HTML5 specific issues you know about, feel free to shoot me a message with some details and I’ll get it looked at.


We pushed a publishing update for the Tizen platform that allows the quit game behavior to be used to close the app.

We heard that Tizen was being picky about the back button closing quitting the app, so as long as you handle the back button input (by using a rule with a key condition with the text “back” inside it), you should be able to upload to the Tizen store without issues.


We’re currently hiring some contractors to help write our next set of curriculum units. If you have experience writing curriculum, developing projects, taking screenshots, and recording videos, you may qualify for the contracting position! More details at



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