Display Text Do not work on my device!

litterbeachlitterbeach Posts: 4Member, PRO

Hello guys, thanks for reading my post.
My problem is when I am testing my game on GS reviewer, it works properly. However, when I test my game on my iPhone using adhoc, none of the texts are displaying. I ran out options and hope I can find some answers here. Thank you all in advance!


  • JapsterJapster Posts: 592Member, PRO
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    @litterbeach I think you might well need to show us some of your display logic? :smile:

    eg - I take it it's actual 'DISPLAY' behaviours that you're using? - ie. do you have any logic that changes where it's displayed based on the device screen size perhaps? - or are you talking about text held in images, that you're displaying by simply showing/spawning actors?

    We'd honestly need more info as regards your logic/methods of displaying, to invest time in trying to help as regards the problem?

    (Incidentally, I could be wrong, but are there issues with previewing ad-hoc (or is it the GS viewer on the device, that I'm thinking of?) at the moment guys?) - I never use it, so don't know...


  • chaosmasterrochaosmasterro Posts: 49Member, PRO

    Try changing the name of your game and see if that works; no special characters or anything.

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