Problem With Transparency In PNG Images

Whenever using a PNG image containing transparent areas within GameSalad, GameSalad doesn't properly handle the transparent spots! Instead, it fills them in with white. Why is this happening? Can you fix this glitch?

The only way I was able to get GameSalad to restore the proper transparency is to go into the actor and change the Alpha to any percentage under 100%; GameSalad seems to recognize the transparency, but if the Alpha is put back up to 100%, the transparency is ignored and the white fill takes its place.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,297Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
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    Not sure... I use transparent pngs all the time: downloaded straight from the Internet or created in Photoshop or in Preview and they display correctly.

    This might offer additional insights:

    Maybe post a sample image you're having trouble with and someone can figure out what's wrong.

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  • JapsterJapster Posts: 595Member, PRO

    Some tools and apps, including my beloved online TinyPNG, cause the resulting PNG's to display like this, but ONLY in the previewer - as Tatiang mentions - straight exports from PS, etc never give me this problem - I usually just TinyPNG etc my gfx once I'm so far in, and live with it, as they ALWAYS (so far) display perfectly in the built app, on the target devices.

    (TinyPNG compresses my graphics to at least half, and sometimes down to a fifth (!!), of their original size, so I use them despite this viewer quirk of the Creator previewer - I've learnt to live with it... :smiley: )

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