Where can I find a comprehensive list of Gamesalad features? I worked with GS in 2013, and am curious about the progress. For example, do we have pixel-perfect collisions now?


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    @Piman said:
    . . . curious about the progress.

    Progress has been tortuously slow since 2013, for most of that half decade GameSalad has focused on newer projects, all of which - so far - have been abandoned (Lua-Free engine, Graphene, New Graphics engine . . . and currently a Web version of GS...), so Creator itself hasn't seen much progress, but there have been a couple of useful features added.

    Custom collisions - not integrated, needs an external tool, a little hit and miss, but works pretty well the majority of the time.

    Custom fonts, the ability to import fonts.

    And not forgetting the 'buzz' behaviour (triggers a buzz on iPhones).

    There might be a couple of other smaller things I've forgotten, but these are the main developments since you've been in prison.

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    Exit game behavior for android. Physics engine update for better collisions, can sleep, and pin features. Loops and loop updates for triggering more than once per frame.

    Think that's it now =P

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